A downloadable game for Windows

An arcade-style platformer made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam over a period of 48 hours. This is the post-jam version with some improvements to level generation and overall play experience, made during a period of 72 hours.


D - Dash.
Space - Dash.
Right Arrow - Dash.
You can double tap to boost your dash, and even dash in midair!

Escape - Exit game.


Esa "mmKALLL" Koskinen - Management, Coordination, Design, Programming

Sakari "Elda" Helokunnas - Programming, Design

Erika "ultineet" Jensen-Eriksen - Graphics

Jouni "Novi" Sopanen - Music and SFX

Source code available athttps://github.com/mmKALLL/badasher


badasher.zip 28 MB

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