Prevent enemies from threatening your solidarity, and upgrade your planet to withstand their assault!

Made from scratch with HTML5/JS in 48 hours for the 38th Ludum Dare competition. This was my first game jam, and I was surprised by how much it was possible to do even in such a short timeframe. I consider the game complete, but a post-LD version fixing the major issues will be coming in the near future. Any support or comments would be highly appreciated!


Mouse - click to shoot and select things. The button can be held down to autofire.


mmKALLL - programming, design, art, music, sounds, scheduling, publishing, etc

Special Thanks:

You - for playing my game!

Novi - for getting me up to speed with the basics of music creation. The atmosphere just wouldn't be the same.

Published Apr 24, 2017
TagsLudum Dare 38, Short, Singleplayer, Space
LicenseApache License 2.0
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button
LinksSource code

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